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Architectural Brick Services

We produce the following Special Bricks to Industry Standard or Non-Standard Specifications:

Internal & External Angles (Squints & Dog Legs)


Plinths (Headers & Stretchers)

Plinth & Cant Angles & Returns

Pistols & Slips

Soldier Returns


We are also able to produce the following bespoke items:

Flat Splayed Arch

Flat Arch with Riser

Elliptical Arch (3-Centred Arch)

Gothic Arch

Semi-Circular Arch (with or without Keybrick)

Keystones & Keybricks

Pillar Tops

Sample Panels

Brick Closers (Faced-on-bed)

Mortared Corner joints Bonded 2.1

The pictures below illustrate the difference between our bonded dog-legs and mortared joints.


The bonded joints are more attractive and, because we only use BS approved adhesive, offer a stronger finished product.


This is particularly true when combined with cut & bonded blockwork.

Bonded 3

This picture shows some of our External Angle brickwork used in a modern local building.


The advantages of this approach over factory made special bricks are:


Shorter lead-time:

We can produce the finished product at short notice. Waiting times of up to 16 weeks for factory made items are not unheard of!


Less cost:

Factory made items are considerably more expensive than our bonded products.



Factory made special bricks come from a different production run from Standard bricks. Therefore they will not completely match, even if they are the same type.

We would use the same brick throughout and so perfect matching is assured.


The bonding product we use ensures the bond has a strength at least equivalent to that of the original brick.

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